Our Mission

Green Light for Business is a nonprofit association established in 2008 by a group of international students at Bocconi University in Milan with the objective of “inspiring engagement in green business”. This association prepares tomorrow’s leaders and decision makers in facing environmental challenges.

Our Structure

Green Light for Business is divided into four functional areas:
  • Events organizes conferences and workshops on green-related issues to allow members and everyone interested to keep an eye on current trends and forecast future states of the world. Talking with professionals from the field is an extremely valuable opportunity in order to approach green jobs and develop soft skills in the area of relationship management and networking.
  • Green Campus as a source of innovative ideas to improve the environmental footprint of Bocconi: the association works as a medium between students and the University's Dean, CEO and Sustainability Committee with the aim of fully implement our innovative projects.
  • Knowledge and Relations keeps on building and maintaining our network with like-minded people, organizations and businesses worldwide as well as providing the association with information in form of research papers and presentations to stay up to date on current issues around the field of sustainability.
  • Communication handles our website including the Blog which publishes articles every Sunday and a monthly newsletter as well running our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook channels.

Our Board

Left to right:
  • Martina La Nave: Green Campus
  • Camilla Mariani: Communication
  • Lorenzo Roveda: Knowledge and Relations
  • Filippo Dottori: President
  • Ludovico De Rita: Treasurer
  • Chiara Bassini: Events
  • Beatrice Boarolo: Vice President
(missing: Lavinia Chiacchierini and Martin Geyer)